Becky Brewster for Mayor
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Becky Brewster for Mayor
I'm Becky Brewster, I'm your neighbor and I want to be your Mayor!

Family Legacy of Success

Becky Brewster is determined to continue her family’s legacy of public service for the community. Her father, Okey D. Lucas, served as the Mayor of Van Horn for 27 years, and inspired Becky to live by the Rotary motto “Service above Self.” Mayor Lucas was actively involved in the community, worked diligently to improve life for the people and businesses of Van Horn and served on many local, regional and state committees representing our town’s best interests. Becky continues his legacy with her involvement in local boards and regional organizations such as the Rio Grande Council of Governments and the Texas Municipal League which deliver important resources and expertise to the people of Van Horn.


About Becky

Becky was raised in a military family moving around the country, until her father, Senior Master Sergeant, Okey D. Lucas settled the family in Van Horn, TX when she was just 19 years old. She married and became the wife of Mark Brewster, then became a mother and raised two Van Horn High School graduates, Tristan and Brandon, and then dedicated her life to community leadership. Becky has devoted most of her adult life to public service, and improving the quality of life and opportunities for the people of Van Horn. You probably know her, as she serves on many local and regional boards and committees, and volunteers for a variety of organizations.

becky's Service for the town of van horn

For 30 years Becky served as Van Horn’s City Administrator where she represented the town on various local, regional and state boards and committees. While working for the city, Becky wrote grants which paid for paving Van Horn’s dirt roads, upgrading the sewer system and upgrading the town's water system and ground storage tanks. Some of Becky’s major contributions to town facilities include: Van Horn’s City Hall, the City Library, Okey D. Lucas Park and the Convention Center. She also worked to build the city’s first low rent housing project where she was able to contribute 35 homes to qualified families in Van Horn.

becky's Service for culberson county

Becky has been the CDBG Grant Writer and Administrator of Culberson County since 1995. She's used her role to create services and upgrade county facilities for local families. She's provided parents of Van Horn with the Rainbow Depot Day Care Center and also started the Boys and Girls Club of Rural West Texas. Although retired, Becky continues to serve the county. She remains focused on improving quality of life for Van Horn through leadership positions at Culberson Hospital and the County and Rainbow Express Depot Day Care Center.