Becky Brewster for Mayor
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Becky Brewster for Mayor
I'm Becky Brewster, I'm your neighbor and I want to be your Mayor!

Becky's contributions to Van Horn


For 30 years Becky directed the administration of all city affairs for five departments: Administration, Utilities/ Public Works, Library, Recreation (Golf, Pool, Parks and Recreation) and Convention Center/Visitor's Bureau. Aside from directing city affairs and representing the town on various local, regional and state boards and committees. She made it her personal concern to constantly improve the quality of life for the people of Van Horn, often working nights and weekends to do so.


30 years as city administrator

Becky wrote grants which paid for paving Van Horn’s dirt roads, upgrading the sewer system and upgrading the towns water system and ground storage tanks, providing a reliable and safe water supply for the people of Van Horn. Some of Becky’s major contributions to town facilities include Van Horn’s City Hall, the City County Library, Okey D. Lucas Municipal Park and the Convention Center. She also worked to build the city’s first low income housing project where she was able to contribute 35 homes to qualified families in Van Horn.

City County Library

City County Library

the city county library

Becky was instrumental in building the first City County Library. She wrote and administered the Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) funds grant for construction of new city-county library, the Meadows Foundation grant for construction and  furnishings and the J. Frank Dobie grant for books. She served as an advisor to the Library Board, monitored construction progress and coordinated handicap accessibility through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Aside from getting the City County Library up and running she's also worked with library staff on various foundation grant proposals.

Becky Brewster, Okey D. Lucas Municipal Park 

Okey D. Lucas municipal Park

Okey D. Lucas Municipal Park is one of the few outdoor recreational areas in Van Horn, TX. Becky applied for the TxDOT Enhancement grant together with local residents, Jeff McCoy and Steve Rouke. After obtaining the grant, Becky did the grant administration. The park was established in 2000 and includes a walking trail, picnic tables and is a popular tourist spot for bird watching. It is located directly across from City Hall and the Convention Center, two facilities which Becky also helped upgrade. 

paving the roads for van horn

Becky coordinated Community Development Block Grants to pave Van Horn's detiorated roads. Improvements to roads under Becky's leadership include: construction of pavement for E. 3rd and E. 4th in 1984, Lamar, Leon, Houston, W. 3rd, W.4th, W.5th and Bell Streets in 1996,  E. First, E. Second. Austin, Culberson, Bowie, Reagan, Parker, Baylor, Jones; E. Firebush, E. Fresno, Almond, Maple in 1997, E. Fifth, W. Fifth, W. Sixth, Austin, Culberson, Bowie, Reagan, Parker, Baylor, Maple, Date, Ash in 1999, Travis, Fannin, Crockett, West First, Elm, Cedar, Cypress, Benton,  West Desert in 2001 and E. Sixth, E. Seventh, E. Eighth, East Tenth, Austin, JFK, Eisenhower, Rivas, DeAnda, Sowell, Catclaw, Cactus, Kampers Lane in 2003.  



Becky's role monitoring infrastructure improvements has proven credibility. During her years as City Administrator she helped upgrade the water system by coordinating installation of new water lines connecting the airport water tank with the town and purchasing a new water tower. The water system we have now operates and is monitored automatically. She also was instrumental in replacing the sewage lagoons. For emergencies, Becky purchased back up generators so Van Horn could operate during power outages.


homes for families

Becky was involved in the development of the Housing Authority of the Town of Van Horn, TX in the early 1980's.  After it was established by the city, she worked with the first group of citizens to set up the board and work with developers to acquire land and build 35-unit low rent public housing projects; providing homes to qualified Van Horn families. Later, Becky worked with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs HOME program to rehabilitate or reconstruct over 50 low-income and elderly homes.